Blazing Eclipse Shirts That Won't Burn Your Retinas

Our 5 Favorite 2017 Eclipse T-shirts

The rare solar eclipse experience has mystified and inspired artists to create for decades. Well...except for the artists at Deep Fried Threads. Our fry cook and doodler Johnny G. won’t shut up about missing the chance to make a t-shirt design for the upcoming epic celestial event that the nation is calling the “Great American Solar Eclipse.” Hopefully, we won’t miss any future galactic and earth-bound events (both huge and small) in the future. To celebrate this big celestial moment we went out and found five solar-tastic designs (we did NOT design) that won't burn your eyes, makes us a little jealous, and shine bright in a galaxy of mediocre and lazy eclipse t-shirt designs.

1. Solar Eclipse - Slow Loris Studio


We love this design made from an original ink painting, each corona ray a single brush stroke by Seattle-based Slow Loris. The simplicity of this design makes for a striking shirt, and because there are no city names or a date, this shirt won't date itself and can be worn until the next North American Solar Eclipse.

2. Total Eclipse - DriftingDixie


Totally rad southern shirt for documenting this historic Tennessee "totality" solar eclipse. A simple modern design with the charming southern pronoun “y’all” creates a beautiful and friendly southern-centric product. In a world of less than stellar eclipse t-shirt designs, this is a stylish commemorative souvenir for this significant event (even in yucky Tenessee orange.)

{Editor's note: in the Deep Fried kitchen we wear a light of Crimson.}

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3. Eclipse - @Benjidojo


Fun, simple and a great use of printer halftones. Plus, we love how the Moon looks like a real "pushy" jerk to the star (pun intended) of August 21st, 2017.

4. Eclipse! - Ian Leino


We love the whimsical boxing illustration and the handmade typography of this design. Check out Ian’s other work; it's stellar.

5. The Great American Eclipse: Art Deco T-Shirt - VigilantEye


Johnny picked this t-shirt because recently he has been neck deep in art deco design. Classic art deco design motifs and typography really set off this t-shirt design. Plus, we dig the Earth-centric infographic inspired design. This shirt is as "great" as Gatsby.

Do you have a favorite eclipse design shirt or product? Did you gear up for the Great American Eclipse? Share a pic or describe your shirt to us in an email. We always love to see (and hear) what our friends and other t-shirt fanatics are wearing.

Everyone have a spectacular and safe 2017 solar eclipse.



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