Who's Deep Fried Threads?

Deep Fried Threads was cooked up by a couple of buddies over a kitchen table and a 1/2 bottle of bourbon. Johnny Gwin had some t-shirt designs and didn’t want to get into the printing and shipping biz. Danny Sermon had product, printing and shipping expertise and didn’t want to have to become an "artsy-fartsy" designer type. So, they joined forces, and presto change-o an apparel, dry goods and product design company was born. Paired with the talents, elbow grease and inspiration from our fill-in hash slingers* that join in the fun, Deep Fried Threads hopes to rise to the level of notoriety and affection of a state fair blue ribbon southern treat..or prized hog.

When not found on Al Gore's fantastical interwebz, DFT is physically located south of the salt line. Not to mention the birthplace of Mardi Gras (suck it, NOLA), and the Original "L.A." (Lower Alabama). For the more book-learned and geography snobs, it's technically referred to on a paper map as Mobile, Alabama.

Bottomline: Deep Fried Threads makes handmade, homemade from scratch, fun and "mama approved" wearable products and what-not. Daily we put on our proverbial thinking hair-nets, and with our secret recipes we whip up stuff that's not only what we want to wear and consume, but hopefully, others crave as well. Lastly, if our little greasy ideas, doodles and playful menu of tasty goods helps to preserve some overlooked Mobile treasures, inspires curiosity in some of our peculiar oddities, and generates some civic pride along the way - well that's just gravy. And who doesn't love gravy?

Meet our collaborators - The Hash Slingers


What-Not (Defined)

T-shirts. Hats. Fancy Collared Shirts. Stickers. Buttons, Note Cards. Signed Prints. Posters. Did we mention Tees? Huggers. Drinkware (whatever that is.) And some juicy additions in the coming months. Just be warned: Johnny is determined to bring back in fashion the "Male Cape."

Find and please follow @deepfriedthreads on Instagram and "Like" or Facebook page. You can check out ideas we have in the fryer, hitting our next pop-up shop, and getting behind the scenes peeks into our  and the "baking up" of our newest stuff. We are a friend run business based on the idea of not being jackasses (it's OK to say jackasses b/c it's in the bible.) So, drop us a line sometime, and if the fryer isn’t too hot and greasy from working overtime, see how friendly we can be. And if we weren't friendly, our here and here-after Grandma's would "tan our hides."

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