Our Hash Slingers

It takes a team, and maybe an army, to create products that people (non-related) that not only "get", but actually want to "get" their hands on. Here is our all-star lineup of talented, grit-full, and generous collaborators:

  • Jenn Scroggins - scrappy web manager and sassy quality control product manager
  • Josh Ashley - crackerjack craftsman artist and sculptor. Illustrator of Midtown War Paint. Check out his other works.
  • Dennis Wombaugh & the Inkworks Printing Crew - These fine folks are screenprinting pros and put up with Danny and Johnny. Check these guys out.
  • Zebra Marketing - Ideas and products don't just magically materialize into existence and show up at your door in a pretty poly-bag. Here's our little secret, for DFT, Zebra does all the "magically" delicious stuff from post-napkin to door. Check out their secret sauce.
Want to be a fill-hash slinger?

We are always looking for strong designers, illustrators, artists, musicians and idea folks to work with. Email us to set up a time to have a chat over a cup of coffee (or bourbon).